Journal History

Diglossia was first published in September 2009 by Faculty of languages and Letters Unipdu Jombang.  This journal has already had printed ISSN, that is 2085-8612. In addition, starting in 2012, Diglossia began to provide the journal both in print and online. Therefore, starting in 2012, Diglossia began to provide the journal both in print and online. By the end 2012, Diglossia has started to publish in electronic version with its OJS Later on, Diglossia applied a new ISSN for online version. In 2016 Diglossia has obtained a new e-ISSN number: 2528-6897.

Diglossia has also been applying their selection using a double-blind review to improve the quality of the article, which is done by the reviewers who already have experience in writing both as a writer first, correspondents, as well as members of both publications such as journals and proceedings. Any accepted manuscript will be reviewed by at least two referees. Authors are free of charge throughout the whole process comprising article submission, review and editing process, and publication. More than 60% of reviewers are from outside of our institution. Besides, our Section Editor of the journal reviewer are also some researchers who have experiences in scientific publications.

During 2012 to 2016, the journal was managed in semi electronics due to the delivery of the articles and reviews made is via email. However,at the beginning of 2018, Diglossia has been completely electronically managed. It means both the authors and reviewers do their duty via OJS directly. Related to the publisher of Diglossia, it has been changed. Started May, 2018. Diglossia was published by English Literature Department, Faculty of Business and Language, Unipdu.  That is a new information added to the history of Diglossia Journal. Diglossia has been supervised by Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI). This journal has also been indexed by IPI (Indonesian Publication Index), Google Scholar, and Sinta. Diglossia has also been in the process of having DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) index.