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The following articles have been reviewed and declared accepted for publication but are in the final editing process and are awaiting publication. The title, abstract, author's name, and bibliography for each article are subject to change before publication. Articles will not be published until final evidence is validated by their authors.

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Mita Yuanika Sahroni
Niken Ayu Setifani
Devinta Nurul Fitriana
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Gustavo Thiodorus
Anugrah Prasetia
Luthfi Afrizal Ardhani
Novanto Yudistira
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Ricky Andi Kurniawan
Mikhael Chendra
Kelvin Kelvin
Kevin Anderson
Wahyu Yudianto
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Fajar Rohman Hariri
Waskita Sari
Chamdan Mashuri
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