About the Journal

Key areas of interest

The following are key areas of interest:

  • Classroom Action research
  • Research and Development (R & D)
  • Learning Model
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching-learning Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Pedagogical practices in language learning classrooms
  • Language learning skills and competences
  • Language learners and learner identity
  • Language learning in informal settings incl. study abroad
  • Methodological questions in language learning and teaching research
  • Multilingualism and multiculturalism
  • Language teacher education and language teacher identities
  • Teaching English to Young Learners


Peer Review and Ethics

JRFLT is committed to peer-review integrity and upholding the highest standards of review. Once your paper has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will then be single anonymous peer reviewed by independent, anonymous expert referees, each delivering at least one report. If you have shared an earlier version of your Author’s Original Manuscript on a preprint server, please be aware that anonymity cannot be guaranteed.

The peer review process starts once you have submitted your paper to a journal. After submission, your paper will be sent for assessment by independent experts in your field. The reviewers are asked to judge the validity, significance, and originality of your work.

Before you submit, make sure you’ve:

  • Read the journal’s instructions for authors, and checked and followed any instructions regarding data sets, ethics approval, or statements.
  • Named all authors on the paper, and the online submission form.
  • Referenced all material in the text clearly and thoroughly.
  • Carefully checked data and included any supplemental data required by the journal.
  • Declared any relevant competing interests to the journal.
  • Obtained (written) permission to reuse any figures, tables, and data sets.
  • Only submitted the paper to one journal at a time.

Finally, notify all the co-authors once you have submitted the paper.

All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Instructions for authors

Thank you for choosing to submit your paper to us. These instructions will ensure we have everything required so your paper can move through peer review, production and publication smoothly. Please take the time to read and follow them as closely as possible, as doing so will ensure your paper matches the journal’s requirements.



Your paper should be compiled in the following order: title page; abstract; keywords; Introduction, Literature Review, Research Method (Data & Source of Data), Steps of Data Collection, Steps of Data Analysis, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion, References; appendices (as appropriate); table(s) with caption(s) (on individual pages); figures; figure captions (as a list).

Word Limits

Please include a word count for your paper.

A typical paper for this journal should be no more than 7000 words including referencing list.



Papers may be submitted in Word formats. Please do not submit your paper as a PDF. Figures should be saved separately from the text. To assist you in preparing your paper, we provide formatting template(s).

Word templates are available for this journal. Please save the template to your hard drive, ready for use.

If you are not able to use the template via the links (or if you have any other template queries) please contact us.


Plagiarism Policy

Papers submitted to JRFLT: Journal of Research in Foreign Language Teaching will be screened for plagiarism using Turnitin plagiarism detection tools. JRFLT JOURNAL will immediately reject papers leading to plagiarism or self-plagiarism. Before submitting articles to reviewers, those are first checked for similarity/plagiarism tool, by a member of the editorial team. The papers submitted to  JRFLT JOURNAL must have a similarity level of less than 20%.

Author Fees

This journal does not charge any author fees.

Article Submission: 0 (IDR)
Authors are not required to pay an Article Submission Fee as part of the submission process to contribute to review costs.

Article Publication:  0 (IDR)