Diglossia journals has been published by the Faculty of Languages and Letters, Unipdu Jombang. This journal has been issued twice a year, in April and September. Diglossia accomodates scientific articles of Lingusitics and Literature scope. There are six articles for each issue .

DIGLOSSIA: Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah Kebahasaan dan Kesusastraan (pISSN: 2085-8612 and eISSN: 2528-6897) is a journal of first and second language teaching and tearning which is published by Faculty of Languages and Literature. This journal has been indexed by Sinta and Google Scholar.

Since volume 7, it is published two times a year in April and September. We accept mainly research-based articles related to applied language studies. The language studied can be any language such as English, Indonesian, German, French, Arabic, vernaculars, etc. However, the language to convey those ideas should be English or Bahasa Indonesia.

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