Journal History

Register: Scientific Journal of Information System Technology was established on January 1, 2015 with editor-in-chief Mr. Indra Lukmana, S.Kom., M.Kom.

On 1 January 2016 the post of editor-in-chief was diverted from Mr. Indra Lukmana, S. Kom., M.Kom to Mrs. Siti Mutrofin, S. Kom., M.Kom.

In January 2016 ISSN (Online) successfully registered with ISSN (Online) 2502-3357 and in April 2016 ISSN (Print) successfully registered with ISSN (Print) 2503-0477.

In January 2017 the Register began to be indexed in DOAJ and has been using the system OJS (Open Journal System) in full.

In April 2017 the Register was declared entitled to a 2017 Grant Management Assistance / Electronic Journal Management from the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Government of Indonesia to prepare for the National Accreditation Journal.

In July 2017 the Register began to be registered with Crossref.

In August 2017 the Register already has a DOI (Document of Index).

Since Volume 4 No. 1 2018, the cover format and editorial board underwent several changes, including: the original editor's address was the Faculty of Engineering to become the Faculty of Science and Technology, following the change in the faculty name in our place.

The type of editorial board and the contents of the article there are changes to the header and footer, because our university is based on pesantren, so it is not won to use fonts with the letter t model resembling a cross, for that font changes are made.

Starting from Volume 5 Issue 2 2019, the Register journal template changes the format of the article title consisting of 2 language versions, namely Indonesian and English.

Starting Volume 6 Issue 2 2020, Register licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Copyright belongs to the author.

So there was a change in the Volume 6 Issue 2 2020 template to support changes in licensing and copyright ownership policies in accordance with DOAJ's recommendations for consistently removing copyright ownership.

Since Volume 6 Issue 1 2020, we have involved reviewers from various countries and continents. Both for articles received and those we rejected. The continents are spread in Asia including Pakistan, India, Iraq, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Oman); Africa includes Gana and Egypt; New Europe from Albania, and Australia from Melbourne. Our total involved 16 reviewers from various countries. Meanwhile, new editors from Asia and Europe. Editors from the Asian continent include Indonesia and Japan; Europe from France.

On 6 May 2021 the post of editor-in-chief was diverted from Mrs. Siti Mutrofin, S. Kom., M.Kom to Mrs. Nisa Ayunda, S.Si., M.Si.